Incrediseal™ Hot Melt Tapes

hot melt tape

IncrediSeal Hot Melt Tapes are a type of adhesive tape where the resins are subjected to a heat melting process and then spread on a medium for applying the tape to products. This kind of tape has a high adhesive tack, making it especially useful for applying to boxes with dusty, dirty or rigid corrugated surfaces or for machine application. It is typically used for shipping purposes due to its high shear value.

2" x 110y x 1.53 mil 105 Clear HM2-2315 36
2" x 1500y x 1.53 mil 45 Clear HM2-2515M 6
Alternative: IPG 6100 (1.60 mil), Shurtape HP100(1.60 mil)
2" x 110y x 1.90 mil 105 Clear HM2-3018 36
3" x 110y x 1.90 mil 105 Clear HM3-3018 24
2" x 1500y x 1.90 mil 45 Clear HM2-3018M 6
3" x 1500y x 1.90 mil 45 Clear HM3-3018M 4
Alternative: 3M 371 (1.90 mil), IPG 7100 (1.90nmil), Shurtape HP200 (1.90 mil)