Incrediseal™ Filament Tape

filament tape

Filament tape - or strapping tape, is a reinforced tape ideal for sealing corrugated boxes with heavy contents. If strength is your concern, look no further. The durable and strong design of this premium-grade filament tape makes it ideal for heavy-duty strapping and packaging where strength matters. The tape utilizes an acrylic adhesive, providing you with strong and reliable holding power. For those heavy-duty packaging jobs, the tape features a 100 lbs. per inch tensile (bursting) strength. To produce such a powerful tool, the tape is equipped with a film backing, reinforced with fiberglass filament. For an instant quote, please fill out the contact form or call us - our customer support agents are ready to help you with your packaging needs.

Part Number Description Size Rolls / Case
FT5-2580 1/2" Filament Tape 1/2" x 60 Y 72 Rolls
FT1-2580 1" Filament Tape 1" x 60 Y 36 Rolls
FT2-2580 2" Filament Tape 2" x 60 Y 18 Rolls