Adhesive Lip Courier Bags

Adhesive Courier Bags

We supply adhesive lip envelope bags. They can be made with a permanent or resealable adhesive lip. Permanent adhesive is the normal choice for bags that will be shipped or mailed since most customers prefer that the bag remains closed until it is delivered. A resealable adhesive lip is typically used when the application requires access to the bag contents without destroying the bag. Resealable adhesive can be opened and closed several times before it becomes ineffective. The number of times it can be resealed depends on the environment where it is opened. Dust particles, etc, will reduce the resealable adhesive’s ability to stick. These bags can be cut and printed to suite your requirements and are priced below market pricing. We have a low 2000-lb minimum for these printed bags so send us an email and let us give you our BEST PRICE!


You’re not limited to stock sizes, and with our low 2000-lb minimum order, you can get exactly what you want. You can customize:

  • Any bag size — you pick the dimensions

  • Any bag thickness

  • 4-Color process image printing DIRECTLY to the bag

  • Any number of perforations or adhesive strips

  • Whatever else you can think of!

Adhesive Courier Bags