Pillow Packaging

AIRplus® Pillow Packaging Family of Products

Storopack’s AIRplus® family of pillow packaging products includes a versatile line of portable ambient air systems with a variety of inflatable packaging materials designed to work on any system for optimum efficiency in any packaging environment.

Void Film Air PillowsVoid Film Air Pillows

Bio Film biodegradable cushions

Bio Film Biodegradable Cushions

Void Film Air Pillows

ESD Void Film Air Pillows

Bio Film biodegradable cushions

2 Pocket Film Air Cushions

AIRplus® pillow packaging is a low-cost, highly effective interior cushion, block and brace, and void-fill option that delivers significant benefits, including:

Space saving - 98% source reduction
Available in more sizes than similar packaging products
All AIRplus packaging products run on both of our systems and
can be easily changed during production
Clean, dust-free protection
Small footprint with fast output
Reduced shipping cost

Storopack AIRplus® Pillow Packaging Features:

Adjustable inflation control so you get the right
amount of cushion for your specific packaging
Perforated film for easy separation and handling
Produce on-demand to minimize inventory and storage, or produce
in batches and feed through an integrated dispensing system
A logo imprint option with pre-printed film displaying your
company’s logo to build and reinforce branding

More information:

PDF: OXO - Degradable Plastics
PDF: BIO-Plastics Fact Sheet for California
PDF: Curb Side Recycling FAQ